How to Program a Water Bottle with the App

We have developed an App for you to be able to take your Essence wherever you are in the world, by using one of two methods. Choose from:

  • Transmission into your Heart (using the App 3 times a day for 28 days), or
  • Transmission into a Bottle (use the App once to charge your bottle and then take the Essence 3 times a day for 28 days)

You can only use one method when you start an Essence. You cannot mix them, so choose which method you prefer.

How to Program a Water Bottle
You can re-use a dropper bottle (boil it first to cleanse the old vibration) or a sealed mineral water bottle that you buy from a shop. Any size is convenient.

For the dropper bottle the Light requests not to use tap or filtered water. The water must come from a sealed bottle that you buy from a shop. If you choose to use a mineral water bottle, it must be fresh and sealed.

Once you Program the water, the vibration will last for 28 days.

  1. Purchase your Essence from your Practitioner or the Emerald Heart Light website.
    (The vibration is activated in the app as soon as the exchange is made).
  2. Label your bottle with the name of the Essence vibration that you require.
  3. There are 2 choices in how to place your bottle during the transmission:
    a) Hold the bottle over your heart

    b) Write the name of the Essence on a piece of paper and place your labelled bottle on the name of the Essence

  4. Open your Emerald Heart Light App.

  5. Select the Range and Essence you require.


  7. Select Your Practitioner.
    (Your other details will automatically fill-in when you have used the App the first time.)

  8. Scroll down the page to the Transmission Box.

  9. Sit quietly for 30 seconds DURING Transmission in reverence and respect to the Light.

  10. Click/Tap ‘TRANSMIT NOW’.

  11. The vibration will pass from the Source, through your heart and into the bottle.
    – Your Essence is now ready to use. You can discard the paper if you used method ‘b’.
    – The vibration will be in your bottle now for 28 days, which is a full cycle of the moon.

    You can program your bottle with up to three different essence vibrations at the same time. You cannot add additional vibrations to your bottle later, after the first day.

How to TAKE your Essence
Make a note in your diary of the start and end dates of your essence, as your vibration is only valid for 28 days, which is a complete moon cycle.

Take your essence(s) three times a day by adding a teaspoon of your bottle to a little water:

  1. When you get up in the morning,
  2. Somewhere around the middle of the day,
  3. When you go to bed at night.

If you forget to take your essence, DO NOT take two doses next time, as this does not work.

Watch the quick video to see how to take your essence three times a day:

What to do with your Water Bottle once the Vibration has expired
After 28 days your vibration will have expired in the bottle. At this point you can return the water to Mother Earth as a blessing.

Tip – If it helps you can screenshot or print this page.