The Emerald Heart Essence App – Download for FREE!

Receive your Essence Vibration
– immediately into your heart
– anywhere in the world

We proudly present our new development: an App for taking Emerald Heart Light Essence Vibrations. Yes, you no longer have to wait until the postman delivers your bottle.

Wherever you are in the world and at any time, you can easily receive our essence vibrations directly into your heart using our App. Our users are very enthusiastic. We are excited to invite you to use our Essence App too.


  • More sustainable; no bottle or transport waste
  • Saves you postage fees
  • No waiting to receive your essence
  • No need to carry a bottle with you
  • Always have your essence vibration(s) at hand on your phone

How does it work?

Using our Essence App is very simple:

  1. Purchase an essence from your Emerald Heart Light Teacher, Practitioner or this Transmission Shop.
  2. Then find the essence on the App.
  3. Receive the vibration in your heart by following a few clicks.
  4. The vibration tends to be felt more or less immediately in your heart and/or energy system.

Transferring Essence Vibrations into your heart

David Ashworth has been transferring Essence Vibrations into peoples’ hearts and bottles since around 1999, and many of the Emerald Heart Light Practitioners have also used this method for many years. We know that transfers work just as well as sending a bottle. For some people in certain remote parts of the world, it is impossible to receive parcels and this is how we have served them.

The Emerald Heart Light Initiated the Idea

The Emerald Heart Light, in its infinite wisdom, often pre-empts difficult situations or pushes us to take action to change things. Sometimes we can’t see what those situations might be until they actually happen. Even before sending out essence bottles became difficult in some parts of the world, the Light was guiding us to create an application (App) way back in 2021. We knew what it had to do, but developing the software to enable this was the difficult part.

Download the App on your Phone

The App can be downloaded onto the screen of your device and from there you can access the Essence Vibration that you have purchased.

There is no cost at all for the App and it will remain that way.
The only cost is for purchasing an essence vibration.

Click the following steps to get started:

  1. How to create an account to use the Essence App
  2. How to add the Essence App to your device or phone
  3. How to Use the App
  4. How to Program a Water Bottle with the App