How to use the App

We have developed this App for you to be able to take your essence wherever you are in the world, without needing to make use of an essence bottle. The use of this App is the same as taking essence drops. Yet, you can also program a bottle of water with the essence vibration if you wish.

Mark the start and end dates of when you should be taking your essence(s) in your diary or online calendar.

The 4 Steps to receive an Essence Vibration
1. Purchase your Essence Vibration.
2. Find your Essence Vibration in the App.
3. Download your Essence Vibration. (2 Methods).
4. How to take your Essence.

Step 1 – PURCHASE your Essence Vibration
Purchase your essence. (From your chosen Teacher, Practitioner or this shop)

Step 2 – FIND your Essence Vibration in the App
There are three ways to locate your essence vibration, pick the one that works best for you, depending on the device you use:

  1. The App opens up with photographic images of all the Essence Ranges listed in alphabetical order. Scroll through this list to find the range you are looking for. (Note: the Bach Flower Essences are at the bottom of the list.)
    Then click the image or the ‘VIEW RANGE’ button and select your essence. You will find that the essences are also in alphabetical order for ease of use.
  2. If you use the ‘hamburger menu’ (the three lines on top of each other) at the top of the screen, you will find all the Essence Ranges in a typed listed.
  3. Search the name of your Essence Vibration directly, by using the magnifying glass (search box). Depending on your device, it is either at the top of your App or it appears when you click on the hamburger menu.
    Please note that the names of the essences ‘Completion’ and ‘Connection’ appear in both the ranges of Sentinel Essences and Wheel of Light Essences. Make sure you click on the essence of the correct range.

Step 3 – RECEIVE the Essence Vibration
There are 2 methods of acquiring the essence vibration but these cannot be mixed, so choose which method you prefer:

  1. Program a bottle of water. (Use the App just once to program a bottle). See the next step ‘How to Program a Bottle’ for a detailed explanation.
  2. Take your essence three times a day from the App itself.

Once you have purchased the essence, the vibration will be unlocked for you to access for 28 days. You can then access the vibration via the App 3 times a day. How?

  1. Open the App; Select the Range; then Click on the bottle image.
    Read the Essence Reading, which is below the ‘PREPARE FOR TRANSMISSION’ button.
    Read it before you program a bottle or take your essence for the first time. Read it again 2 or 3 times minimum during your 28 day period to reinforce the vibration.
  2. Click the ‘PREPARE FOR TRANSMISSION’ button.
  3. Fill out the ‘CONFIRM YOUR DETAILS’ section.
  4. CHOOSE WHO YOU PURCHASED THE ESSENCE FROM’: select the person you purchased the essence from. Or if you used this site, choose ‘Emerald Heart Site’. (These details will pre-fill next time you use the App, other than the ‘CHOOSE WHO YOUR PURCHASED THE ESSENCE FROM’ field.)
    Sit quietly and prepare then click the ‘TRANSMIT NOW’ button. Continue sitting for 30seconds DURING transmission in Reverence and Respect to the Light.

    As soon as you click the ‘TRANSMIT NOW’ button, the vibration will flood directly into your heart, or into your bottle, whichever method you have chosen.

  6. If you are taking more than one essence, click on the ‘RETURN TO HOME‘ button and repeat the process.

Step 4 – How to TAKE your Essence
Make a note in your diary of the start and end dates of your essence, as your vibration is only valid for 28 days, which is a complete moon cycle.
Take your essence(s) three times a day by going to our App or using your bottle.

  1. When you get up in the morning,
  2. Somewhere around the middle of the day,
  3. When you go to bed at night.

If you forget to take your essence, DO NOT take two doses next time, as this does not work.

Please do not use this App while driving or using dangerous tools or machinery.

Tip – If it helps you can screenshot or print this page.

If you prefer to program a bottle, go to the next step